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Our History

The Crestwood Shops opened in 1921 as one of J.C. Nichols first neighborhood shopping centers. The colonial architecture of the block was inspired by a trip Nichols took to historic Williamsburg. The Shops have evolved over the years, from the location of the corner drug store to a unique shopping destination yet still retain their original charm.

The Crestwood stop on the Country Club streetcar line, now the Trolley Track Trail,  was the place to go for all one's daily needs. Throughout the years, the Crestwood Shops have had many types of businesses - plumbers, electricians and milliners as well as hardware, drug and grocery stores. Although the streetcar made its last stop in Crestwood in June of 1957, you can still find a bakery, beauty salon, florist and tea shop today—just as you could more than 80 years ago. 

Nearly 100 years later, the Crestwood Shops still meet the needs of the modern shopper. One of Kansas City’s only locally-owned shopping centers, we offer independently-owned shops and restaurants with timeless personal service and style.