From an Italian Count in 1201, to your heart, today.
The story of DelBrenna is one of a family rich in Italian heritage. Giovanni DelBrenna, a Florentine, would deeply root a passion extending generations, by turning his hand to the delicate art of creating gioielli. That is, handcrafting jewelry of distinctive beauty, radiating joy for all those who possess it.


We meticulously design and handcraft pieces to be cherished forever as precious family keepsakes. Share in the emotion of designing bespoke jewels for yourself, or exquisite gifts for loved ones, by allowing us to make your once-in-a-lifetime jewelry dreams come true.


An adventure satisfying all ve senses! Enjoy a complimentary glass of silver-dressed Prosecco, while browsing the DelBrenna Boutique. Shop limited edition jewels and exclusive shoe designs that will uniquely complement any wardrobe. Style and wear the mesmerizing texture and shine of heirloom quality designs and journey through the Tuscan history of DelBrenna.



Monday - Saturday
10:00 am - 5:00 pm



Massimo DelBrenna developed the methodology used to construct our handmade chains in 1974. Originally, his company consisted of a single workshop in Tuscany. From that narrow studio, Massimo started creating many treasures and invented our classic, handmade chain design. 40 years later, DelBrenna is still composing new designs based on his original invention.

In 2001 the innovative chain design was perfected and Sebastian, Massimo’s son, began featuring DelBrenna’s four signature chains in a collection enhanced with natural gemstones, Italian coins and sculptural elements. From this rst collection, the modern brand was born.

In 2003, Sebastian met his future wife, Megan, while she was studying architecture in Italy. In time, Sebastian and Megan began to envision their future plans for the DelBrenna brand. Their desire was for the DelBrenna boutiques and showrooms to kindle a sense of community. That is, a magical place to share the stories inspiring the collectors of our designs. Sebastian and Megan married in 2006 and, two years later, opened a modest jewelry Boutique in Cortona’s Piazza della Repubblica. In 2013 the DelBrenna Showroom opened in an ancient noble family’s cellar in the underground of Cortona.

In 2018, Megan & Sebastian opened the USA Flagship location for DelBrenna in Kansas City - near Megan’s birthplace. From the very beginning, DelBrenna set out to be a di erent kind of jeweler. One that not only celebrated jewelry and Italy’s rich traditions, but one that also stirred a deep sense of connection.



307 E 55th Street
Kansas City, MO 64113

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